We pack everything under the Sun!


Access the information you need about your cargo anywhere.


Our proprietary material management system provides you the control you need in order to successfully manage your investment and the process of its transport.


This Oracle based project tracking tool facilitates automatic PO uploads, booking of material received and has full EDI capabilities, while providing user created customized reports in MS Word, Excel or pdf formats. in addition, customers can access information about their shipments on-the-spot via any web browser.

Throughout the entire warehouse operation, users can track material movement as the barcodes are scanned the application automatically updates. At key operational intervals, email alerts are sent to each client, with OS&D’s being flagged immediately. This allows for 95% performance of 24 hour line item checking. Full documentation is visible to anyone with access, anytime, day or night, in real-time. With full data exchange and a menu of reports available, identifying material on hand, expediting and KPI has never been easier to identify.



      Wireless bar-code and handheld scanning devices

      Mobile blue tooth bar-code printers

      All warehouse functions performed with handheld devices

      Material receipt, packing list, commercial invoices, dock receipts


      Reports can be run by user or set up for auto distribution via email

      Remote location scanning capability

      Remote data storage

      Remote virtual warehouses