We pack everything under the Sun!


Sun Packing Inc. provides a complete offering of services with a strong dose of creativity for the preparation, protection and packing of materials, equipment and machinery for export.


The company was founded in September 22, 1997 out of necessity. One major project included the transporting of power generating systems to third world countries – so we started our own packing company to ensure the freight arrived as it left our dock.Today, sitting on 26 acres strategically located just east in Houston, Sun Packing boasts business relationships with many of the significant export targeted firms in this market.



Twenty-Six (26) Acre Property Secured and Fenced


14,000 Square Feet of Dry Storage Space Available


With More than 100,000 Square Feet of Warehouse Space


Our Facility is Strategically located near the Port of Houston

26 Acre Secure Facility Located in the Heart of the Shipping District


114,000 Square Feet of Indoor Warehousing Space


Full-time Certified Dangerous Goods Specialists On-Site


Computer Optimized Loading Program to Ensure Every Container is Packed Safely


Certified TSA Screening Facility and TSA Compliant


Complete HSE Program and Full-time Compliance Officer


OS&D Coordinator Provided to all Clients When Applicable


Record Line Item Weights and Country of Origin for Every Item Received

Same Day Air Freight


Dedicated Compliance Coordination Staff to Oversee Standards


Dangerous Goods Packing Certified


Track Your Investment Using the Suntrack Material Management System

All Sun Packing Employees Trained and Certified


Import and Export Purchase Orders via FTP Without the Hassle of Paper


FTZ Certified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection